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Kim Eibrink Jansen

Life, Mindset & Universal Strategist


Having the Universe

as your ULTIMATE Business Partner!!!

Want to do Business "Your Way?"

You've tried lots of business systems & processes and nothing WORKS!

Setting Money Goals don't work...

Setting Business Plans and Lists just drag you down...

Burnt out, working too much, tired and uninspired...

But you are passionate to make a difference while you are feeling stuck and confused....

Yeah, that happened to me too...

I just loved what I did. And I was good at it!

But I was finding that I was regretting going into the office..

I was tired... I worked really really hard to try and be a success..

And after month after month never reaching my targets

And not being able to pay my bills

And I was sick of struggling....

I knew there had to be another way...

In January of 2015 I remember clearly when I started receiving

only what I can describe as

Divine Guidance...

That Guidance I put into Action, Immediately...without questioning it...

And the "idea" that I was given, was an amazing success..

Booking me out for 3 months solid!!

"This is fun!" I thought...

Let me see if I can do it again..

I received more Guidance...and I acted on it...

That Guidance was to create a Group, and I was given all the details..

Instantly when I aligned my actions & intentions with the guidance I was given

I received 80 people in my group!!! Just like that!!

No hard work, no launch strategy..nothing..

Just by following the Guidance from the Universe...

It was then that I knew that I was onto something..

How could I achieve incredible success

by following the Guidance I was given

and following my intuitive hits on timing and processes?

Universal Business was born...

I sat down with the Universe and I was given this amazing process that I had just followed,

step by step, as to how to replicate this process and to make it a success...

Not only for me, but for others too...

I am ready to show you how to you can get this divine guidance for your business too and to

run a business that not only "works" for you, but is in alignment

with who you are.

And in complete alignment with the energy in the Universe..

"They" know what your future holds & what your path looks like...

Why not work with them and allow them to show you the way??


Want to attract clients to you without the hustle & selling?

What is the secret to being SUCCESSFUL without working hard???

Well, you are in the right place....

Universal Business is a Successful Business Process that has been developed and channelled

by Kim Eibrink Jansen along with "The Universe" as one of the most unique Business Style's ever seen...

This revolutionary process of running Businesses operates completely differently to everything that has been taught....

Yet is extremely successful for those who fully embrace its concepts and design....

The Universal Business Model focuses on incorporating the Universal Laws & Concepts in every part of the Business Processes - from Marketing, Sales Funnels, Recruitment, Product Creation and Design, Pricing, Reporting, Goal Setting and even down to website & technology, Competition, Communications and in particular, Money and Cash flow in the Business....

The result of using The Universal Business Model enables the Entrepreneur to relax and enjoy their business, go with flow and ease, watching miracles and magic happen before their very eyes and a fantastic lifestyle while earning an amazing income, and changing the world at the same time. Because we end up running the business using the natural laws and operate from a place of love and inspiration, then the money always results. The vibration of the business and its owner increases to a level that affects them and everyone they deal with....

The level of "spreading the love" is so powerful, that the vibration of the planet DOES change as a result... we will be healing the planet running our Universal Business...

I have a little bit of a secret about success and money in Business... 






So don't stress and live life according to YOUR OWN standards

And the Universe will reward you for it!

The element of MORE CONTROL by letting go of control takes a bit of getting used to, but you will see that you have more control using the FORCES OF NATURE rather than counting, wishing and hoping...

This is powerful stuff...

It is a perfect system for those who have tried all the Traditional Business Methods and nothing is working....

And this Business System is predominately based around an Online Business Model..

It's not hard,

In fact, I laugh to say that I never have to think anymore, never have to stress anymore and have complete trust in this process

Because it works...

It's easy

And fun

And empowering not only you

But everyone around you....

Be warned... we will be blowing all your old beliefs such as "that you have to work hard to be a success"

Out of your body & mind...

To enable you to step confidently into your purpose

By doing what you love

And only what you love

Because the days of pushing

Are gone from now on...

We will show you a powerful way to allow yourself to get all the answers to all the questions you have EVER had...

So you will never be stuck for the answer EVER AGAIN...

And bring out the natural leader, the natural goddess and the natural YOU

UNLIKE a YOU that you have ever known

Because this is a YOU that is truly YOU

With no worries about what others tell you

With no cares about failing or fears...

And embracing your journey with full force

Changing your life

And others with it...

The Universal Business is an 20 week LIVE Online Coaching Group designed to work with you.

We start with Universal Concepts then lead into Universal Business Strategies, all the while connecting to and working daily with the Universe to have complete clarity and direction in our business while working in alignment with the Universal Laws that govern our planet..

They will take you on a journey incorporating the following subjects, plus more....


- Philosophies and teachings from The Universe

- 12 Universal Laws and how to use them in your life to get what you want

- How to change others..

- How problems stick with us and become our life purpose

- Finding and changing subconscious beliefs that are holding us back

- The power of the present..

- How to be happy...all the time....

- Sanskrit & Buddhism Concepts and how to bring then to the Modern World for peace and harmony

- How to get from Struggle St to Abundance Ave...

- Your Life Purpose and why you are here

- The Big Universal Picture

- Your "Rules" and the Universal "Rules"

- How to deal with ANYTHING... its easy!!!

- What is stopping you from Succeeding?

- Money Blocks, Beliefs and other crap we don't need...

- Be, Do & Have (not Have, Do then Be)

- How to turn FUN into FUNDS

- How to turn Inspired Idea to Inspired Guidance and Inspired Action...

- Receiving your guided Signs & Messages - over 1400 a day!!!

- There's no such thing as failure or success/right or wrong...

- Words are vibration - Dr Emoto's work and how it effects your business & life

- All the answers are inside of you.... Really?

- This is Spiritual & Woo? NO! Its science and metaphysics......

- But I don't know HOW to have FUN???

- Taking back Control

- The role of Money and what it represents...and why can't I get any of it??

- Your personality, who you really are and how to embrace your faults & wrongs....

- Goals and Intentions

- Energy and Vibration

- Connectivity

- Your Internal Antennae

- Expectations and Letting Go

- Replacing Struggle with aligned processes that make your heart sing with joy!

- Trusting the process

- The Universal Magic

- How do we know if it works??

- Embracing and Accepting Change

- How to manipulate Time - it really is an Illusion!

- What happens when we change our intention from Money to LOVE..

-Changing and Healing the Planet - starting with us!

- An Unlimited Universe is available to YOU!


- The Universal Business Mindset - changing from traditional beliefs to conventional

- Your Message & Purpose

- Your Universal Collective

- Your Product Lifecycle

- Marketing & Launching the Universal Business Way

- Importance of Passive Income & how to create that

- How to go from Idea to Action

- Letting go of the outcome

- What if someone else has the my same idea?

- Daily Abundance Rituals & Vision

- Map of Consciousness

- Vibration & Frequency

- Dealing with Upper Limits

- Boundaries

- So if this is so fun, how are we can pay our bills by lounging around all day??

- The Universal Journey (the new "Sales Funnel")

- How to turn Inspired Idea to Inspired Guidance and Inspired Action...

- Goal Setting in the Universal Business

- Planning ahead in your Business and structure

- The myth about Procrastination, Motivation and Visibility Issues in your business

- How to deal with competition and jealousy in the Universal Business

- The Universal Marketing Process

- Case Studies and Experiments

- Building your Team

- You can NEVER run out of clients...there are over 7.3 billion people on the planet!

-Changing and Healing the Planet

- HELP I have so many ideas, what do I do with them??

- Next steps in creating your successful Online Business

Just to name a few titles....

There is so much to share in this 20 week timeframe, but like anything else I believe in, the process will be simple and easy. We embrace laziness and a life where your passion turns into purpose. And where the opportunities to attract money to you are endless, once we release to NEED the money to survive. It will get you into the right mindset and headspace to really create magic in your life and others around you.

Your life is just about to be revamped into something completely different...

A way of life that is easy, stress free, fun and full of love and purpose. No hard work. No worrying. And guess what? You make money from being this way...

Who knew???

The opportunities are endless..

But your belief systems are going to be completely re-wired into a body & mind that is aligned almost to a state like Buddha or Dalai Lama... Or whose poise and mindset I have based this model around, the ever so successful Louise Hay....

Spend time with me by clearing beliefs & mindset that holds us back from trusting the Universe and its manifesting procedures, using and embracing all 12 Laws in every day life and through to creating products and services, passive income models so you never have to ever think about where the money is going to come from EVER again and how you can be a success without ever having to hustle, sell or market ever again!!!

With the Universal Business you will receive:

- 20 weeks of working together as a group with lots of interaction and support and blasting our lives out of the water!

- This includes notes, videos, worksheets and everything else you need to embrace your new Universal Business...

- Join the Exclusive Universal Business Community Facebook Page of like minded Entrepreneurs who are just like you...

- The Universal Lounge Room Chats TV Show where I talk with other Entrepreneurs using this system

- Daily Inspiration, Experiments, Amazing Connections and opportunity to change your life

- Exposure and adoption of endless Universal Tools that will help you in business and in life!





"The Universal Business has changed my life

and others as well...

I can't wait for it to change your life too...."

Kim Eibrink Jansen


"My experience so far with Universal Business, is knowing that there are other souls in this world, looking to create a brighter future, not just for ourselves and our families, but also expanding and impacting the world positively and leading the way in all areas of this human existence.

The environment created feels safe and nurturing and discussions that happen, always something to share and learn from.

As a soul in my human body, I feel that I have grown and coming to a place where I not only know and understand that anything is possible, but truly feel it in my heart and soul.

I feel blessed to know that others on this journey are working together and are not alone.

Love Kim Eibrink Jansen as a friend, mentor and visionary, impacting her own life, and leading by example."


"Kim is 100% the real deal and 150% all in!

She brings all you expect to her programs and then adds in even more.

The UB program is full of common sense and magic, probability and possibility.

Every week of the class you find yourself being reminded of things you have known and being inspired by possibilities of all that is to come.

I adore how real she is, how she attracts quality people similar to herself and how she makes it always seem possible that her connection to Source can also be mine.

Treat yourself to this great program - or all of Kim's programs - and change your life!


"Universal Business is a completely different learning experience.

Being able to listen to yourself and use the principles in your daily life enables you to realise that you are on purpose every day.

You learn that you are needed in this world and being part of a collective means that you are constantly supported and encouraged along the way.

Universal Business helps you to see the big picture and to go for your dreams and goals whatever they may be!

Kim has so much knowledge, wisdom and vision to help you see what's possible in life."


"I came across Kim as the Body Whisperer at the beginning of the year when she helped me to clear a nasty pain in the shoulder blade that wouldn’t otherwise shift - after one session it was gone for good. I then started in Kim’s Mastermind group with some other amazing ladies and also participate variously in her Tapping Club, Universal Business and Magic School groups. I have noticed a massive shift in my world. The issues and limiting beliefs I’ve been carrying around for 5 years seem not so massive now and I am facing the future with a calm knowing and a toolkit for awesomeness designed just for me.

I no longer struggle with knowing my purpose

and I have begun making money again.

The journey continues (as it should) so if you’re looking for your place in this world because you don’t feel you know where you fit in then you simply must work with Kim and experience her unique style of succeeding while having loads of fun and being totally supported. If you’re not having fun with what you’re doing then you need to check out Kim’s programs - stat!"


"My business has exploded since starting UB!"



Kim Eibrink Jansen is an Internationally renowned Spiritual Leader, Teacher,

Healer and Advisor.

Her BIG picture philosophy around everything that happens to us and embracing the Universal Laws that govern our world, enables those who follow her practices to "step out of" their adversity and move forward in their lives. Her teachings to help them use their own Psychic Communications and Universal Messages as their guide, and having access to over a hundred different ways to deal with our day to day issues, Kim believes that we can all get the answers to anything we need to know, which enables them to move through life smoothly while manifesting absolutely anything they could ever need.

Health, Wealth, Love, Relationships, Success, Weight...whatever.....

These "issues" are the vehicle to not only changing lives for the better, but also a way that we can change others lives in the process and developing our own life purpose in the process...

Life is easy and there is no should, have to or need to. Her work showcases how we can BE, DO and HAVE anything we can ever want following these techniques.

Kim is the creator and author of the "Universal Handbooks" Series, plus she runs many online programs including the Universal Business, Universal Life, Universal Magic School, Spiritual Growth & Development Program, Universal Tapping & Healing Club plus Distance Clearing & Psychic Reading Circle.. all showing people how to connect to their inner and outer wisdom, clear their issues and move forward into a purposeful life...

Referred to by her clients as their "Secret Weapon" and the "Body Whisperer", Kim is a Spiritual Advisor to personalities in the public, high profile business, leaders and celebrities.

Universal Business 2017 is now available as a Self Study Course...

To do this LIVE was $550...

But to use all these skills, wisdom and experience working with the Universe You can now do Universal Business 2017

for a quarter of that cost...

For 20 weeks full of information, strategies & tools

at only $137.50!

Get Universal Business 2017 below...