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Kim Eibrink Jansen

Life, Mindset & Universal Strategist

Spiritual Advisor & Support

for Leaders, Influencers, Celebrities

Entrepreneurs & World Changers

You are making a difference in the world....

You can see so many people who look to you as a light in their life...

And you are changing lives....

They may be faces in a crowd at your events...

Followers on a blog or on social media...

People in your membership group or courses....

Or your Client's Lives are changing...

And you can see just how much they are benefiting from you, your work & your message...

It is both fulfilling and purposeful...

But sometimes it can feel like a whirlwind...

Constant travel..

Long Hours..

Disconnect from family & friends..

Disconnect from self...

Responsibility to be there..

To not disappoint..

To always be there for your fans & followers...

But who is there for you???

It can be so stressful and many times a lonely road.

People think being an influencer is fun and easy

But it takes hard work and determination

And sometimes it can feel overwhelming and too much

And you just need some peace and quiet

Sometimes if feels like you have lost yourself

And you can feel yourself spiralling into uncontrollable panic at the most inconvenient times...

The result can sometimes be panic attacks, stress & overwhelm

And you will find that other physical ailments such as asthma, migraines, injuries and recurring pain

can show up

stopping you from doing what you love best....

Helping people and making them feel happy about themselves...

In the past many influencers have turned to alcohol, drugs & other substances to help them through..

But what I have found is that the issue here is that this bus-i-ness in this industry can result in a loss of self..

So these substances only take you further away from who you are...

There is another way....

Having a Spiritual Advisor on your team is a major asset

when you are a big influencer in the world...

A Spiritual Advisor will keep you grounded...

A Spiritual Advisor will keep you centred, calm and focused on the big picture and what is important...

A Spiritual Advisor will give you tools and processes to deal with stress and anxiety..

A Spiritual Advisor will speak to your Soul..

A Spiritual Advisor speaks to your Spiritual Team...

A Spiritual Advisor has access to your Purpose and Path

and will help keep you in alignment with this...

A Spiritual Advisor will keep you focused on YOUR TRUTH...

And the major thing that a Spiritual Advisor will do for you

is make your Spiritual Well Being Number One

while you go out and make a difference in the world...

Many celebrities and influencers have Spiritual Advisors on their team..

Oprah, Obama, Madonna, Justin Bieber, Princess Diana,

Cameron Diaz, George Clooney & Brad Pitt to name a few..

And you can too..

It is becoming quite common for influencers and celebrities to have a Spiritual Advisors on their books

to not only ensure longevity in their career,

but to continue to make a difference on this planet.

Have you ever thought of commissioning your own Spiritual Advisor into your business support team??

Who is Kim Eibrink Jansen??

Kim Eibrink Jansen is one of the world's most talented Spiritual Teachers and Advisors.

An International Universal Spiritual Advisor, Teacher, Metaphysician and Medical Intuitive, Kim's clients call her their "Secret Weapon" & "Universal Queen".

She works with Leaders, Influencers, Entrepreneurs and Companies on their life path to ensure that they can achieve their purpose with less stress, more clarity and for them to achieve the messages and signs that are always there guiding them the whole time. She works with her clients and her clients Spiritual Team to get access to information that will help them on their path with ease, flow and fun..

Kim has access to unlimited Universal Wisdom...anything you or she needs to know, it is given to her. This makes her powerful in her processes to get to the truth of what is really going on and what is required moving forward.

Kim helps her clients remember who they really are... Pure Love, Pure Joy and Limitless...

Soul Universal Magnificence with the Unlimited Capacity to Be, Do & Have via to live their Soul Path & Destiny..

Kim is also the author of the book "Guidance from the Universe.. Secrets for Universal Abundance, Love, Money, Success, Health, Happiness, Purpose and YOU"..and she is a sort after International Speaker for workshops, functions & events on Infinite Possibilities and Universal Wisdom.

Happy Clients..

You have been one of the greatest mentors in my life in 2016 and I would like you to know that :) Thank you for all your guidance and support and for everything that you have done and you are doing. You are an inspiration and I am so happy that I decided to join :) It has been an amazing journey for me and thank you for being a part of it.

Marja-Liisa.....Estonia, Europe

I hope you know how blessed I feel to be part of anything you do. You are one of the most gifted generous "woo" workers out there and I can't wait till you unleash for the whole world to find you and soar! Big love across the world.

Julee...Washington, USA

You are amazing, wonderful and beautiful !

I can feel a special connection to you when we talk together it's quite amazing and I love it, it's really strong and powerful ....

I'm doing well thank youuuuu !

I know it is going to be better and better....

Natasha.. Geneva

Thank you so much, Kim! I really enjoyed our session today and am feeling like there are some big energetic changes. I was going to say "shifts", but it feels like more of a peeling back or 'revealing' of what was underneath. It feels good.

Your thoughts are really powerful and your advice feels so spot-on for me - THANK YOU for sharing your wisdom. :-)

It was such a pleasure to talk to you - thank you for sharing your gifts and for being a great example of being curious and experimental.

Katy....Colorado, USA

Kim Eibrink Jansen is one of my go-to people and I've worked with her for 2 years now. She is an absolutely lovely person and really knows her stuff! I highly recommend her and her programs....

Laurie... New Hampshire, USA

You are an incredible blessing of all that is beautiful. Your light so radiant. You live with so much love and grace. Thank you for being you. I cherish the time I get to share with you! Eternally grateful...

Gabrielle.... Los Angeles, USA

I have been posting and promoting Kim Eibrink Jansen and her skills for a little while now. I have literally released pain and past trauma that doctors, councillors, psychiatrists, Buddha, every self help book known to man and all avenues of seeking help or guidance have failed. This works. Sometimes in a matter of minutes on some issues, no word of a lie. It will change your life. If you wish to move forward in life by tackle the roadblocks that are holding any of your situations back.

Matt.... Qld, Australia

Have your own Spiritual Advisor today....

Have Kim "on call" to help you deal with anything

while you focus on changing the world!!

You can have Kim in your back pocket

to help you at any time

plus have regular meetings in her virtual office

so you can talk to her wherever you are

to help keep you level, focused and clear..

all sessions are recorded

SMS, Messenger & Email Assistance included

providing ongoing support in between sessions

for the chosen allocated period below...

Have Kim as your very own Spiritual Advisor and on your Support Team!

1 Hour Session @ $350

6 month contract @ $7 200

(including 24 sessions)

3 month contract @ $3 600

(including 12 sessions)

12 month contract @ $15 600

(including 52 sessions)

Month by Month Contract

@ $1 200 a month

(including 4 sessions per month)