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Kim Eibrink Jansen

Life, Mindset & Universal Strategist

Post Session Self Care

Past Life, Negative Energy & Block Clearing

Well Done!!

I have really enjoyed sharing this journey with you and have loved every second of our time working on these old themes and patterns…

You have stood up for the challenge and are now ready to move forward into your brand NEW purpose with all that old baggage GONE…

But, remember, you have lived with all this old energy for a really long time. Centuries and possibly thousands of years….

You will need to give your body time to re-adjust to its new state….

What happened in your session, is that your vibration has completely changed and lifted.....and when we deal with old or other people's energy attaching to us, sometimes a part of you has travelled to a different dimension (remember that fuzziness we felt as we transitioned?)…

So you have to allow that part of you to come back into alignment and to sink back in.

Also, you have bought back with you from the past OLD energy and gifts you had from those past lives, which you haven’t had for a very long time… That energy is currently hovering in and around your aura at the moment and slowly going through its own transition, until it finally “clicks” into place. You will know when it clicks into place, it will feel like a part of the puzzle has finally been placed. And you will feel more like your old authentic self, the one your soul remembers but one that you have never experienced here in this life…

Your Vibration and Level of Consciousness has had skyrocketed to places it has never been before….

So, give your body, vibration and energy time to readjust….

The best way to help your body do this is with lots of self care….

These are simple things that you can do FOR THE NEXT 24 HOURS (Block Clearing) or FOR THE NEXT 2-3 DAYS (Past life & Energy Clearing) that we often don’t do it in our everyday life…

Hopefully by you doing this now, you can incorporate some of it into your life daily after this transition…


1. Drink lots of water…

By lots I mean at least 3-5 litres. By flushing your system, you are also flushing any toxins or residue left in your system from the clearing.

2. Get lots of fresh air and BREATHE…

As you know from the session, breathing is a beautiful way to naturally clear. So take deep breaths regularly, and breathe out any leftover residue or toxins.

3. Eat really really well….

Try an avoid processed foods, fats, grains and dairy. Eat lots of fresh fruit, veges and nuts if you can, limit meat products as well. Eggs are OK, but in moderation also. Visualise the food going into your body and nourishing and cleansing as it moves through your body…

4. Move…. Slowly….

Go for a lovely brisk walk, but don’t overdo it. Twice a day would be good to get things moving through the system and realigning. And lots of stretching exercises such as Yoga or Pilates to again help the body realign.

5. Sleep….lots… Sleep when you feel tired. And at night, try and have at LEAST 8 hours sleep, if not more.

Before you go to bed, I recommend Googgling “15 min music meditation” on ipad or phone and choose your favourite one.

My favourite is this Chakra Clearing and Rebalance - its lovely!

Lay down in bed and listen to this with headphones before you go to sleep. This is going to stop your brain from processing what just happened, and let your body do its thing.

ALSO…. If your spirit tends to wander off at night while you are sleeping (ie astral travelling or playing up with your soul family & friends) – tell your spirit and those around you that it’s NO playing for a while. Allow your spirit and soul to rest and recuperate as well. Otherwise you WILL wake up tired and lethargic..

Bubble your Energy.....

Visualise stepping into a bubble morning and night for the next few days OR up to a week.... Twice a day, morning and night.....

Surround yourself with this Protective Bubble...

This protects and keeps in tact your new energy state, and stops other people's energy from affecting you....


If you can, also:

-Have a massage, chiro work or even acupuncture to realign the Chi and rebalance the body. Whatever is your favourite thing, do it…

-Go for a swim and cleanse your mind and body. In a pool is OK but the ocean is better. If you cant do either, have a shower and visualise all that residue energy washing off and going down the drain.


You can sometimes feel like a train has hit you, feel hung over and literally no energy…

It will also helps the results from such a shift to show in your life quicker… SO DO IT!!!

It was such an honour to go on this journey with you and I am so pleased that you have been able to move through so much old baggage that has been with you for a very long time.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me [email protected]

I’d love to hear from you!

Lots of Love,

Kim xoxoxoxo