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Kim Eibrink Jansen

Life, Mindset & Universal Strategist

Its such a beautiful experience..

To connect to your Guides and your Spiritual Team..

Imagine finally meeting the very energies that have been with you your entire life....

You have a Spiritual Team that are guiding you through life..

It might be a Guardian Angel or Powerful Archangel..

A Spirit Guide...

Fairies, Nature Spirits or Elementals

A Saint...

A Prophet or Disciple..

A King..


Native American Indian..

An Ascended Master...

A Greek God...

Or an Ancient Egyptian Goddess...

The Spirit of loved one that has passed....

A deity..Jesus...THE God...

The Universe..

Or all of the above!!

No matter who is in your Spiritual Team...

we get to meet them in this beautiful 1 hour experience of reconnection...

I find that most people have a minimum of five or more energies that are with them, around them,

Ready to help them in a time of need..

Or to provide love and support for you...

Or even to help you manifest what you want..

They all have different roles in your Spiritual Development Team..

And all take on different tasks for you....

So you need to know who they are and what their role is...

then all you need to do is ask and they will come to your rescue!!

During this very special experience, your Spiritual Team will introduce themselves to us

and explain what their role is in your life so you know who to call upon when you need them..

Then they will answer any questions you may have for them..

In this experience, clients not only get to energetically meet them

But they get to "physically" meet them

They can "see" what they look like

Get to feel their energy

AND get to talk to them with a response in return..

A process you can then use forever converse and talk with your team...

To get the answers to anything you could ever need..

At the end of this experience I have my clients draw a sketch of what we saw

Drawing each individual energy on their team as they see and feel them

Then you can place it somewhere in your house to remind you that they are always there for you..


Well, most of my clients live on different continents all around the world..

When we do this process, both myself and the client see and experience the same thing..

Thats confirmation enough!!!

We really couldn't make up what we see and experience....

The synchronicity and accuracy of the information that we both get is astounding...


Are you questioning if you are on the right path? Doing what you are meant to be doing?

Or are you feeling like you should be doing something else but you aren't sure what or how?

Feeling stuck, lost, looking around for the answers to your life, or your problems or issues?

Waiting for someone to give you the solution?

Looking for someone to tell you the truth?

To just tell you what you can do? How to do it?

The thing is, everything you need is available FOR you and within YOU!

The answers are there!!! Waiting for you to ask!

But many of us don't know that we do OR even how to access it...

Everyone has access to an inner wisdom, a higher self and other guided energies that are just waiting for you to connect to...


For a limited time, I am holding a special 1 hour 1:1 "Meet your Guides & Spiritual Team"

Plus "The Answers are Within" sessions

where I will introduce you to your power sources in life...

Firstly we connect and speak to your Inner Wisdom, Inner Truth,

the very part of you that you can go to at any time, to get the answers to anything you need to know.

Then we meet your Higher Self, the part of you that stays up in the ethers with your soul family who knows your souls path and journey in this lifetime and others.

And then I will also introduce you to your Guides...and your Spiritual Team

those on the other side that you can rely on that are there just waiting for you to ask them a question.

They all know your mission, the Big Picture .....

Anything you need help with?

They are always there.

I will show you how to call them in and get them working for you!!

It's time you met your Spiritual Guidance Team!!

They are waiting for you to call on them and get them working for you!!!

What are you waiting for!!!

This special offer is avail at $199* and includes a recording of this very special introduction to your team.

Meet your Spiritual Team today!!!!

They are waiting and very excited to connect with you!!! xo