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Kim Eibrink Jansen

Life, Mindset & Universal Strategist

Children & Teenager Body Whispering

Why does my child have this????

Phobia, Illness, Allergy, Bad Dreams, Stress, Anxiety, Behaviour Issues etc

They are struggling, you can see this, and you want to help them the best way you can...

To communicate what is going on with them and to work out exactly what is wrong.....Its really hard...

Or they may have a physical issue and you want to find out what is causing it when you have tried EVERYTHING!

I have found a way to connect with your children and for you to find out exactly what is going on with them....

We spend an hour on Skype or Zoom or in person, where we connect telepathically with your child to find out what is wrong, what is causing the issue...

Then we use a variety of techniques to clear them of their issue from their body......

The children don't need to be present, as this is all done telepathically & energetically....

This is subconscious and soul blueprint work, which changes lives....

Here is what one parent shared with me B​EFORE she saw me:

"My son says each day how much he hates school. How much he hates his life. He wants to kill himself. He has no friends. He cries a lot. Sobs. Says everyone is mean to him and hates him. The cycle goes on and on."

To then AFTER our KIDS Body Whispering session:

"Straight after our skype both my kids jumped happily into organising their schooling processes themselves. With joy and laughter. WTF? he he. THanks so much. I really loved it and found it really helpful."

and more comments.....

"Kim Eibrink Jansen is the best!

The session I did with her helped me so much around both my guilt about not being able to communicate as well as I want with my non-verbal daughter who has autism, and feeling more closely connected with her.

I feel that the session was the start of a real shift with Miss 9 and me...

She has started trying to say more to me lately and I feel like I am understanding more of what she is trying to tell me.

I also feel so much more relaxed about our relationship and better able to be present and just be with her.

I feel like she and I are both happier and I am definitely booking more sessions with Kim!"

These sessions are 1 hour in duration

On ZOOM or in Person....

Your child doesn't need to be there....we do this telepathically together, you and I

Book in your Child's Body Whisperering Session now!!

$199 including a recorded session and tips to continue the work at home!