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Kim Eibrink Jansen

Life, Mindset & Universal Strategist



To see What Else Is Possible???

When we look at the future as to what we want, we only see one way to get there, and one option.... which creates frustration and annoyance when we don't "get there"..

But in reality, there are infinite potential ways that you can not only create or have what you want, but you can actually exceed your expectations to get more than what you ever dreamed...when you open yourself to Infinite Possibilities...

Often clients will say to me "can you tell me my future?" and I will say "which one!!!"

Because right now, in this very moment, you have infinite possibilities awaiting for you.

The real question you are wanting to ask is "what is the path of least resistance to bringing me what I want?"

That is what we all aspire to. Quick, Receiving, Manifesting....

But how do we get there??

That is the BIG question...

Using Quantum Physics, Universal Laws plus Spiritual Tools and Guidance from our Spiritual Teams, we can play around with all the ways that these things can come to us.

How to work out the probabilities and what we need to do to bring them to us. And if our probability isn't high for the things we want, what do we need to do to bring that thing into our reality.

Because its what we do RIGHT NOW that creates our future reality.

We are needing more expansive experiences to really give us the capacity to embrace our limitless potential and to bring the unlimited universal Earth..

The Earth has been shifting physically for the last few years and vibrationally it is ready for us to start playing with this unlimited potential..

AND WE have been shifting physically, emotionally & spiritually to get ourselves ready for this next level of ascension and our experience on this planet...the level of instant manifestation and our innate unlimited capacity to BE, DO & HAVE whatever we desire for our life experience on Earth to be..

For the last few weeks I have been playing around and experimenting.

Experimenting on things that I "thought" I had no control over.

And experimenting with them in a way that they were initially things I was "stuck" things that have unlimited opportunities available to do something with.

This capacity to look further into our expansive level of choice, and our ability to have access to unlimited choices in our capacity to BEING released from the limiting 3rd dimension, requires us to go to places that we have never gone before.

Places that always existed but, we were either not aware of before OR we just never had the understanding of how we could embrace the capacity to not only choose but, to actually have unlimited choices to anything we are dealing with in our lives.

Not only that, but when we get to a place of "nothing is wrong" and we are content with where we are, the human experience tells us that we are always wanting more. We are always wanting to know more, experience more and to BE more..

In the past 3rd dimensional energy, this level of wanting more was given to us as a problem. An issue that we had to "solve" to move forward. This is why adversity has been a big part of our 3D experience..

But now as we step further into the 4th & 5th Dimensional energy, we float between being focused on our unlimited selves and sometimes slip back into our 3rd dimensional limitations which can drive us crazy, when we know how good it is living in our unlimited capacity.

What I have been working on, is how we can USE our 3rd dimensional limitations, and our desire to have something we need to achieve or desire to want more of, and create EXPERIMENTS playing in the 4th & 5th Dimensional Energies of choice & unlimited potential.

Using the tools that we have access to, as well as guided information from our spiritual teams, we can well and truly turn "Life into a Game" by choosing to treat it as and "Experiment of Life."

When we treat "Life like an Experiment" it allows us to...

- Keep our awareness and curiosity open to receive.

- Keeps us "being" in the present moment, as we evaluate and receive what comes next in the experimental stage.

- It allows our conscious mind to stand back as our superconsciousness is given permission to take over. The level of wonderment and expansiveness during this process keeps us aligned with the higher levels of consciousness.

- Experimenting keeps our curiosity & mind crystal clear, keen and open. Our awareness is super sharp. We pick up on all messages that we receive because, as "scientists of these universal experiments" it is what we do. "Research" can be documented or, you can simply use this "didn't work" and "does work" processes to determine what processes you then use for future. And what you don't do for the future.

- It allows you to let go of the outcome and expectation. Because results are unlimited as to what they may be, you will be open to try new things, and new ways that are given to you as an idea or a message. Then, whatever works for you, may also work for other people who are aligned with your processes. You can then help people who don't fit into the box and give others options as to what they can do when they are stuck, and that the possibilities are endless. That we are NEVER stuck. This then gives YOU the confidence that, whenever you come across a tricky situation, your brain goes immediately into experimental mode and you will be open to receive information on what you can do with it. It promotes confidence, truth and trust in self..One of the biggest gifts that we can give ourselves..

- And if an experiment "doesn't work" there is no attachment to the outcome. So we simply just move on and try something else. There is no beating yourself up for not getting it right. There is no right or wrong in experiments. There is only "what is true for now" and that is all that matters at that very time and place. Again it creates confidence in self and also a level of "never give up", always keeping our minds and hearts open to keep looking for and trying new and exciting ways to revolutionise not only your life, but others lives as well..

Plus much much more...

Ultimately, this level of Experimenting with the Universe was designed for Humans on the Planet to embrace & experience their unlimited selves.

As we all know, we can read a million books and "hope" that what they say is true.

But Experimenting with the Universe provides each person with the "experience" that is needed to really believe the concept of unlimited life on Earth.

And once you experience it, you will believe it. Otherwise, your level of belief will come and go and your level of trust in the process wont be constant. So the results wont be constant.

But when you experience the magic that the Universe can offer, with your own eyes, feelings and knowing, you will then have an "anchor" within that you can always go back to, that confirms that YES this stuff is really true, and I can trust it when times are tough.

Trust is one of the biggest issues we face when working in alignment with the Universe. To have the unwavering level of trust required to make magic happen, means that we will indeed experience Magic on Earth..

And this is where the name "Infinite Possibilities" came from.

I have been shown that we CAN live a limitless life on this planet.

On our way there, we are shown ALL the Infinite Possibilities that are given to us.

And they are Infinite when you really embrace the experimental concepts that I talk about here.

Proving that we are indeed limitless beings on an unlimited planet in an unlimited Universe.

So look at where you are right now...

Are you stuck in some areas that require you to "get out of them".. Ie money, relationships, physical illness or issues, success, love... whatever the "issue", it was given to you for you to "experiment" with all the possibilities that are available to you, so you can find the right WAY that works for you. Its a fun and exciting way to deal with seemingly hard and tricky things that come our way..

OR if you already feel unlimited, and are wanting more

Experiences to play with in this unlimited Universe that can really test your element of being and magic on this planet, then this is definitely somewhere that you can have fun with our limitless capacity and see where it takes you!

There really is no end to the Universe's capacity for Infinite Possibilities!!!


Each week in Infinite Possibilities, we will come online at a time that suits most of us.

Each one of us will have something that we would like to experiment with.

From there we will go through the process that I have been given to conduct each experiment.

Together we will create a plan on how you will conduct the experiment and, with our spiritual teams, come up with a process that you can use for the following week.

Then your job is to follow the instructions of the experiment and conduct it! Making notes in your Infinite Possibilities journal AND in our online supportive Facebook Group, where we will all hang out, share and ask questions along the way.

WARNING: During these processes you will experience many synchronicities, increase in heightened awareness and brilliant ideas as well as a level of disconnect or attachment to the issue at hand. This is not for those who don't want to take massive action and have fun. This is for those who are ready to embrace life and take it by the horns. To go where they have never gone before and to experience a level of yourself, and the planet at large, like never before...

We will experiment solidly for 6 months.

If you would like to join me and others in this Experimentation of Life, there is an application process to go through before receiving acceptance into this group.

I would love for you to come along and play!

There are never any problems or issues anymore..

Just a whole lot of fun experimenting with unlimited opportunities that come our way, when we are ready for them.

Life is really full of Infinite Possibilities

when you Experiment with the Universe!!!

Infinite Possibilities is exactly as it is US embracing our own Infinite Possibilities.

Embracing ourselves as unlimited, limitless, is something that we all would LOVE to be and have.

But how do we get there??

For me, I have been working on my own experiments and I am amazed at what has been transpiring. Things I would never have dreamed possible before now.

I've always struggled with my weight. And just a few weeks ago, I was a heavy 96kg.. Following the belief that I am indeed infinite, this way of being wasn't resonating with who I am.

Until I decided to make it an experiment.

Since then I have lost 7kg and have never felt better. But the experiment is still ongoing and I am really enjoying this process of not only getting to know myself intimately during this process, but I am also expanding spiritually into areas that I never knew existed before...

My limitless potential...

Another "miracle" that has happened, I could NEVER have planned or tried to organise. My husband was ready for a change in his life and he was feeling low. I didn't really know how to help...

BUT..when I opened myself up to "what will be" and what are the infinite possibilities in this situation, indeed a miracle did transpire.

Two weeks ago, he rings me and tells me that his company was promoting him to work in the ski fields on the other side of the country. He then said he would go and we would stay here...and he would visit every few weeks..

I could not believe my ears! This was perfect!

AND it was funny because we always made a joke that I loved living at the beach, and he loved living in the mountains.

And now it is actually happening! I was actually so shocked!! We could never have planned this!!

It is Infinite Possibilities!!

Infinite Possibilities is simply embracing "What else is Possible?"

There are unlimited opportunities just waiting for us to find them!

Start now to embrace your unlimited potential and start to bring more miracles,

surprises and magic into your life straight away, by embracing your Infinite Possibilities!!!

The Amazing Results have we seen from the Infinite Possibilities Experiments:

Yewww...overdraft is $1k down!!

So much love for this experimental process, what a game changer!

First time in 10 years that I’ve spent money on myself without feeling any guilt

Normally I would jump at any work that comes my way cause I feel desperate for the money – I said no to a function that I didn’t want to do and felt totally cool about it

I’m not obsessing about everything having to be done perfectly (something I've always struggled with)

(Hubby) spent Sunday doing all the things around the house that I’ve wanted done for ages without me asking him. He even cooked dinner and pegged the washing out…so weird!

(Hubby) starting to communicate with me, normally he keeps everything to himself and bottles stuff up

A father who never calls, calls out of the blue immediately after our LIVE call.

One received an apology from a friend who previously wasn't speaking to her..... immediately after our call..

All of a sudden receiving compliments from a husband that never usually compliments...

Connection with children improving when previously they would be at logger heads...

All of a sudden time isn't an issue (time used to be the issue) and all housework (which would never get done before) is all done with extra time to spare!!!

"The last week alone has been pretty life changing. Can't wait to see where I'm at in 6 months from now!"

Once we start, Infinite Possibilities will be $444 a month to join...

Join today for half that at only $222 a month,

and start to attract your own Infinite Possibilites!!!