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Kim Eibrink Jansen

Life, Mindset & Universal Strategist



Your Truth...

Posted on June 5, 2017 at 2:50 AM

When you were born, you were full of and surprise...

You asked yourself "what is possible" and wouldn't accept NO from anyone!!

When you started to learn how to walk and talks, you took in everything around you so that you could master this amazing feat. You soaked in everything you could and eventually, you were able to walk and talk...

Then when you started to dress yourself, toilet yourself, feed yourself, you watched how others did it and learnt from them. They showed you how to do it, then you bravely copied. Maybe failing at first, but that didn't matter. You were that was ok not to "get it right."

Then when you went to school, you felt the feeling of separation. Before then you felt connected to everyone and everything. You started to be aware of what was "different"... and that maybe it wasn't "good" to stand out...

You learnt to say goodbye.. And You learnt how you "needed to behave."

You learnt how a day was scheduled, what being a "good boy or girl" was.

You learnt how to read, write, spell and add up. You started to learn that "getting it right" was actually now really important. And to "not get it wrong."

You learnt from everyone around you.... parents, kids, teachers, family, really watched how they behaved, how they talked, what they thought was right and wrong...and you decided that you would do that too..

Then, as you near the end of school, pressure begins to build from expectation of "what is good or bad, right or wrong" and to make sure you try and stay within these rules..

Many resist, speak up, play up and do their own thing....They are we better not do that...

Then we are "meant" to get a good grade, get into University or get a job. No other choice...that is what you are meant to do..

You then get a career and work really hard..because thats what good people do. Work hard and you will succeed...thats what they say...

Then, you find a partner, get married and have children. Tick that off the box of what we are meant to do...

Then, as the kids get older, we start to wonder what life is really all about..

We start to see many around us with diseases, stress, anxiety, maybe even cancers, heart attacks, strokes and even death...

When we start to look into our lives, we start to realise that everything we learnt up til now was someone elses beliefs and ideals of what LIFE was meant to be like.

And we realise that this "kind of life" is not true. That what we learnt were just beliefs, perceptions, thoughts and meanings not only learnt from those around you, but from what you perceived life to be like...

Then we realise that all the pain, suffering, illnesses & diseases that many are struggling with are because they have tried to live someone else's life and forgotten who they really are...

When you learn that truth is in the eye of the beholder, that in fact we are allowed to live however we like and that happiness and love is the key rather than success, money or achievement, we realise that its too late...

Don't wait til its too late..

Find out who you are NOW and re connect to the deepest part of you that KNOWS how you were meant to live your life and what YOUR truth is...

We all have it inside of us just waiting to get out....

Its time xo

Categories: New Learning from Today

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