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Kim Eibrink Jansen

Life, Mindset & Universal Strategist



Eczema, Success & Adversity, Speaking to your Soul

Posted on June 5, 2017 at 2:50 AM

Universal Learnings from today.... 2 June 2017

- Eczema is caused from putting on a mask. Where we hide parts of who we are.

Wherever on our bodies the eczema turns up, shows you where in your life you are putting on a mask and hiding your true self.

The itchy frustration of eczema is the annoyance and frustration of denying the self crying to break free. And the "peeling away of the layers of skin" is your body's attempt at peeling away the falseness and to allow the real you to come out.

- My daughter said to me tonight "why is it mum that a lot of the Olympic athletes have all had hard lives in their journey?"

Answer... the tough lives and adversity that people experience creates the need for the human soul to dig deep and find inner and external strength that is required for ultimate success.

Adversity does have a purpose in lives...

- You can actually speak to your soul and give yourself a new best friend... I had a beautiful experience this morning where I paid particular attention to my thoughts. Not the "ideas" or thoughts that seem to jump into our heads (which are guided and come to us from outside of ourselves), but this is the quieter everyday thoughts...

I started paying attention to my thoughts and I actually started having a communication with them. I was getting answers back. I had a lovely conversation and, after many years of receiving information from external spirits, guides, universe etc, this was my own soul talking to me. It was like talking to myself but strangely different because there was a clear distinction between talking to my human self and my soul self. I felt like I'd found a long lost best friend!!! The best part about it was that my soul knew my innermost deepest thoughts...and still loves me deeply. A very special experience...

KEJ xo

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