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Kim Eibrink Jansen

Life, Mindset & Universal Strategist



Musings from the Library...

Posted on May 16, 2017 at 1:20 AM

Musings from the library today.....

"As my level of awareness and consciousness goes deeper, I find myself in a state of euphoria, slightly hazy but with a sharpness of focus.

In this place, there is no separation of me, or you, but us. A smile for you is a smile for me. Love to you is also love to me. Everything is funny with a sharp awareness of interest at the same time..

There is extreme love and passion at the same time as there is peace, knowing and enlightenment.

It all exists in this current moment.

The intensity is subtle but strong. In this moment I see everything, I feel everything and embrace it all in this one and only current experience that we have in each and every moment.

In this body that vibrates with a word that is not covered by the term "love" and is indescribable here on earth. It is love x 1 million.

I could easily escape to this world and stay there. But this world is OUR world and we are all part of this one experience.

This place is one of extreme explosions of love all at once. It is delicious. And being completely aware while in the extreme of what is actually happening, while your brain tries to "work it out" allows for us to make a choice. Allow for the experience to transpire as it does and surrender to it, or keep trying to work it out. We chose to surrender, and at the other end of surrender is complete and utter bliss. Letting go and just BEING in every moment of you step further and further into BEING and being OK with the BEING.. Because you realise that the BEING is all you need to BE...

You could not possibly "work it out" because this doesn't exist yet on the 3rd dimensional earthly plane. Your brain simply will not comprehend what is happening. Allowing and surrendering is the key to receiving more....and receiving more is what transpires into the next second..

I now have others who now have experienced this with me in this paradigm. So I know I'm not going crazy. And it's not a one off thing.. it's real. And we are experiencing this together... I'm so lucky to share this with these soul mates...and with my lover...

Illness does not exist here... only pure love and pure joy. Your perceived need for permission is being replaced with a surrender of what is. And that is enough. More than enough.. Every moment of where you are seems to last an eternity, even though time is ticking by.

Its like being in a trance but with super sharp awareness of what you need to know in that moment, and simply following that.

You have "discovered the secret of life". Nothing else matters but the beating of your own heart and the extension of your being. It is delicious and its all at once. Like a natural high that no drug or chemical can replicate. Something that most aspire to experience but not many get to embrace, because of preconceived notions of what is and what will be. All learnt, of course, from others.

I just watched a lady walk past the window. I can describe everything about her, right down to the colour of her lipstick. Even though I only saw her for a second. Because in that moment nothing else mattered but what I was focusing on. Her energy was divine. Soft warm and friendly. In that moment I knew everything about her, even though she was a complete stranger..

Even as I am writing this my brain has decided to chime in...

What are you writing? Who is it for? What will you do with it? You know you are sounding like a crazy person, right? But all of a sudden my knowing kicks in and my mind quietens.






You don't need the mind when you have access to unlimited information that comes whenever you ask. The mind is limited in its capacity. When we understand the limitations of the human brain we will realise that it has been limiting us for so long, that there is just no need for your brain to provide the thought processes you seek. Whatever you seek already exists.

There are no expectations, no pushing and no trying. Things happen as they are allowed and are a reflection of your inner thoughts and feelings.

It just doesn't matter. Nothing matters but right now and what you are doing in the now.

No "do this" or "do that"...

Nothing is true...

There is no end...

I am desire and I am desired. Everything exists and so does that.

There are no needs or wants. Whatever is required already exists. Even food is secondary here...

The simple things in life are so incredible that you feel their they mirror your own magnificence..

I can already taste everything. Smell everything. Feel everything. Hear everything.

Even my own blood has such a strong smell of metal. I can't wear jewellery or even clothes with metal zips because of the intensity of the smell. And even though my senses are heightened and I can feel everything, its not bad. In fact, its better than ever before to be able to feel everything.

The feeling of being possessed...but possessed by your own soul as you allow it to come out and just BE what it wants to BE without limitation....

The level of access to this level of multidimensional elements are more available when we step out of the limiting brain and into the thought processes of infinite possibilities that are readily available to us all...

Its not about getting the answers, its about connecting to yourself at a deep soul level that the real YOU is allowed to come out and be FREE...

Surrender, peace,

You are everything...and nothing...

You are pure love and pure joy...

You are magnificent..

You are Limitless...

You are everything you think you more....xo

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